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Practicing Radical Acceptance

What is radical acceptance? If you’ve ever practiced DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) before, then you’re probably familiar with radical acceptance

The creator of DBT, Marsha Linehan, actually developed DBT based on what she learned through her own healing journey. As a Buddhist practitioner, Linehan understood the benefits of accepting reality as it is Radical acceptance is just that.

It is in our human nature to want to reject and fight the reality we’re not satisfied with. I totally understand this! Sometimes, it’s in our best interest to fight and try to change the situation we’re in. But in the case of a global pandemic, so much is out of our control. Our healing option here is to move towards acceptance. Radical acceptance is a practice of accepting reality in your mind and body - accepting all the way.



Radical acceptance does not mean we like the situation, it doesn’t mean we want it to continue. It simply means we are relinquishing control and in turn, helping ourselves let go of resentment and other painful emotions.



What can you work on accepting? Maybe something related to the quarantine or something totally separate. What is out of your control that you continue to fight? Here is your permission to stop fighting, and settle into acceptance. The truth is, although it’s hard to accept the things we cannot change, we are not able to change things until we fully accept them

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